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1. Look at my pictures! =) If you like any of them, you may download them for personal use (i.e. MSN/WLM display pics, desktop pictures etc.)

2. Or better still, order prints from me!
Prints are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, and you can choose between matt/gloss prints.
These print sizes are available (cost in brackets)
6R: 6x8 inches (S$15/US$10)
S8R 8x12 inches (S$25/US$17)
S10R 10x15 inches ($50/US$34)
Larger sizes are available upon special request.

Do take note that some of my pictures do not fit the required aspect ratio and I will print a black border by default to allow the picture to fit into the paper. If you would rather I cropped the picture, please do indicate on the order email (more about it below).

Matting services are also available at S$10/US$7 for sizes 6R to S10R. Black matte will be used.

Prints will be packaged in Crystal Clear flap-sealed backs.

International customers:
Prints will be sent via Singpost registered mail. Payment is via Paypal online. I will email you with a paypal invoice and you may pay via that service. Please allow two (2) weeks for the prints to reach you as I will be printing the pictures during weekdays. Registering mail will cost S$2/US$1.50 and will be factored in during the invoice. You can pay by Credit Card or bank transfers using Paypal

Singaporean customers:
Prints will be sent via local registered mail or meetings on weekends (preferably in the east area or at City Hall MRT). You may pay me using paypal (email invoice) or via cash on delivery.

If you wish to order, please drop me an email at:
with the subject: Timberwolf's Photos - Order
In the message body, please state:
Photo code (e.g. Cat00001)
Desired size (6R, S8R, S10R or larger)
Finishing (Matte/Glossy print)
Border/Crop picture if aspect ratio is wrong
Matting (Yes/No)
Personal Particulars (Full name, mailing address, email reply address if different from the one you use to send me the order email.)
Payment method (Singaporeans only)

I will reply within 2-3 days with a Payment Invoice from Paypal. After payment is received, I will print the pictures according to your specifications and will mail them to you as soon as I can (typically takes 2 weeks).

Thank you! =)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cat00018 - Blissful

Cat00018 - Blissful
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Rose/no rose? You choose =)


justinification said...

wad... rose...

anyway you can check out this site for some tools to create order forms. (=


Fortuna said...

form builder is also suitable for creating order forms